3 Easy Steps to Increasing Profitability:

1. Provide complete, accurate information to the insurance carrier.

2. Regularly negotiate reimbursement fees with your payers.

3. Don't make inappropriate or unnecessary adjustments to claims.

Quality Support for Your Practice

Alpha Medical Billing Associates is your complete resource for professional medical billing, coding, and account management organization.

Our clients benefit from complete end-to-end solutions which include both medical billing and related services.

Our comprehensive services include: CPT/ICD-9 coding, data entry, claims submission, account receivable ("A/R") management, payment follow-up, collections, fee schedule reviews, accounting services and reporting. With advanced technology, Alpha processes thousands of claims each year, and advises clients on the reimbursement aspects of managed care contracts.

Accelerate Cash flow. Reduce Expenses. Increase Profits.

The purpose of our medical billing services is to maximize the cash flow& profits of your practice. Our medical billing solutions are the single most powerful tool you have in accelerating the cash flow, reducing the expenses & increasing the profits of your practice. You will quickly realize the following benefits by partnering with Alpha Medical Billing Associates for your medical billing needs:

-Claims adjudicated in as little as 14 days
-Reduced days in receivables
-Accelerated Account Receivable turnover
-Reduced General & Administrative Expenses
-Fixed claim processing & collections costs

Alpha's comprehensive compliance program offers assurance that all efforts are being made to provide for accurate CPT and ICD-9-CM code selection, billing guidelines, and of course the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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