Payers employ sophisticated technology to reject claims that fail to comply with the thousands of rules they screen. Now you can employ a solution which matches the payer's.


Alpha Medical Billing Associates endorses and fosters a "culture of compliance" in all phases of the company's operations. Our goal is to obtain the full patient care reimbursement for our clients, to which they are legally and ethically entitled, and to always do so in a manner that fully complies with both the letter and the spirit of all applicable regulations and guidelines.

Our program has been designed and implemented to reflect the "Compliance Program Guidance for Third Party Medical Billing Companies", as issued by the Office of the Inspector General ("OIG"), of the Department of Health and Human Services ("DHHS"). Our compliance program also implements the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines and regulations (formerly known as HCFA), and other similar documentary instructions. As such guidelines evolve and new ones emerge our Compliance Program also evolves to always stay current.

Alpha Medical Billing Associates' clients are secure in the knowledge that the Compliance Program, the overall culture of compliance, and the company's Code of Conduct - which follows OIG guidelines - are in place and continually followed. Alpha Medical Billing Associates has an extensive Compliance Manual, which is taught to all of our employees.

100% Dedication to OIG and HIPAA Compliancy!

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