3 Easy Steps to Increasing Profitability:

1. Provide complete, accurate information to the insurance carrier.

2. Regularly negotiate reimbursement fees with your payers.

3. Don't make inappropriate or unnecessary adjustments to claims.

Built Around You.

Why are our client practices more profitable than most? The answer is clear. We understand the requirements of medical billing and we provide the appropriate resources necessary to succeed. Medical billing has become an overwhelming challenge in recent years, and consistent, effective results cannot be achieved without the knowledge and understanding gained through experience. With over 30 years of combined experience, we are able to consistently collect more money for our clients each month by anticipating what payers require and providing it on first submission of the claim.

Alpha staffs each client’s account for success. We carefully analyze the volume, payer mix, growth, charges, average payment expected, documentation, coding, and other factors and then staff each client accordingly to ensure success.

More Money for our Clients.

Statistically, our clients experience improvement in their cash collections,
average charge and payment per patient, and accounts receivable.
Alpha Medical Billing has a fully developed program in place to steer
new clients through the transition. We have welcomed many new clients
and have senior managers specifically responsible for each new client transition. Alpha makes it as easy and comfortable as possible, and guides each new client through the steps. Throughout the process everyone remains mindful of avoiding disruptions in cash flow and ongoing collections.

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