3 Easy Steps to Increasing Profitability:

1. Provide complete, accurate information to the insurance carrier.

2. Regularly negotiate reimbursement fees with your payers.

3. Don't make inappropriate or unnecessary adjustments to claims.


The advantages of outsourced billing services

Outsourcing your billing, coding and account management services can offer a number of benefits. Our clients benefit from increased profits, managed receivables, and timely, accurate reimbursements.

Outsourced medical billing allows physicians to really focus on the truly critical and needed care of the patients. All of the ever changing insurance rules, makes it more difficult to do in house medical billing, collections, timely receipt of payments.

Because our services are contracted, we can literally save our clients thousands of dollars monthly in labor costs, all the while improving the flow of claims, accounts management, and information accuracy.

At Alpha, we operate a specialized, focused business, and utilize the benefits of our experienced staff which allow us to avoid the common pitfalls which often hinder internal staff.

We know how to get claims processed quickly, and efficiently. We understand the process and cycles of the billing and account management process which allows us to streamline the submission of claims with the requirements of the carrier.

Practices interested in being more cost-effective and simple find that outsourced medical billing is extremely beneficial. Most physicians that outsource to a reputable medical billing company agree, that it was the best financial decision they have ever made.

Our clients benefit from a system designed around their needs which includes:

-Round the clock service
-Consistent cash flow (due to immediate claims filing)
-Continuous follow-up; with both patients and insurance carriers
-"Soft touch" collection methods used with patients
-Immediate insurance follow-up
-All required insurance forms are generated from our office.
- Claim status verification within 24 hours of submission
- Complete confidentiality and security
- We accept all calls regarding outstanding accounts
- Payments are deposited directly to the doctor’s account
- No medical or dental benefits to deal with.
- Patient statements and monthly reports are generated from our office
- Personalized and comprehensive support for your staff
- Free up valuable staff time to deal with patient care

Our "soft touch" collection approach eliminates the need for an outside "collection agency" thereby saving yet another expense for the doctor. We work closely with your patients and assist them with their payment schedule. When payments are late we generate and mail friendly reminder cards. Follow-up calls are made whenever necessary.

We receive all phone calls regarding outstanding accounts and work with your patients. We feel by working directly with your patients we are better able to assist them in paying off their portion of the bill in a manner that is comfortable for them, and, beneficial to the doctor.

Alpha Medical Billing Associates keeps up to date on all insurance changes regularly, and enhances on this by attending seminars.

Alpha Medical Billing Associates can enhance your practice and encourage its continued growth to bring in new patients, by utilizing our database marketing ideas.

Your financial strength is directly related to timely patient billing and insurance reimbursement. Alpha Medical Billing Associates utilizes the latest software technology in electronic claims filing and full patient accounting.

We serve as an experienced advisor regarding billing concerns, industry changes and act as a liaison to the insurance companies on your behalf.

Alpha Medical Billing Associates maintains a Compliance Program, and can assist your practice with compliance issues as well!

Alpha Medical Billing Associates provides you with extensive reports that show you exactly where your money is.

Optional services available include; Superbill redesign, Registration Form redesign, Consulting, Insurance Enrollment Applications, Patient Reminder Services, Aged Accounts Receivable Recovery, Coding and Fee Schedule Analysis, and more!

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